How to Fix “Fidelity Web Server Error” (Issue Resolved)

Users attempting to open new accounts on Fidelity have reported encountering a specific error message. The message reads as follows:

Fidelity Web Server Error

We have detected a break in your connection with Fidelity. Certain activities, such as placing orders, may have been completed prior to the break. Please check order status in the View Orders page before continuing.

If the problem persists, please contact Fidelity at 1-800-544-7595 for assistance.

The Problem: Fidelity Web Server Error

A Facebook thread dedicated to this issue has many users facing the same error message during the account creation process. One user even tried different devices and browsers.

Fidelity’s Response: A Glitch in the System

Unfortunately, there’s no quick fix for this problem. Fidelity representatives advise users to wait patiently while they work to resolve the underlying technical issues.

The cause appears to be glitches or server errors on Fidelity’s side, affecting the connection during the account creation process.

Update 11/12/2023: Upon contacting Fidelity’s support, I learned that the company is aware of the issue. According to a community care representative, the problem has been resolved for opening new accounts.

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