How To Link Your Coinbase Account to Your Fidelity Account

Someone asks:

I wish Fidelity allowed Coinbase users to link their account to their brokerage account. It would be easier to manage my crypto holdings and stocks in one place.

How To Link Your Coinbase Account to Fidelity

You can add your Coinbase account(s) to your Fidelity brokerage dashboard for view-only access. This means it will show your current crypto balance and its changes in real-time.

  1. Login to your Fidelity portfolio dashboard.
  2. On the left sidebar, click on “Add Non-Fidelity Accounts.”
  3. Click “Have a Coinbase Account? Add it now” and follow the instructions.

Other Comments

Justin H:

Thank you for your help. This feature is useless to me. All it does is show the balance. You can’t actually do anything with it. No way to buy Bitcoin or other cryptos from Fidelity page.

Micheal M:

Any idea why my Coinbase isn’t showing up with the rest of my accounts? I just linked, do you know if it takes 24 hours to update?

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