Can You Have Multiple Fidelity Accounts?

Someone asks:

I opened another Fidelity account today. Now I have…

  • Joint cash management/brokerage (bill pay, cash and investments)
  • New Individual brokerage (possibly making it a trading account)
  • Roth IRA (maxed each year, ARKK, ETFs and high growth stocks)
  • 401k (20% of income)

The idea is to separate the money in terms of risk and length of time. For those that also have multiple accounts how risky are your investments in each of your accounts?

Short answer: Yes, you can have multiple Fidelity accounts. They can also be together and linked as one to make signing in easier. There aren’t any general downsides. It’s purely a personal preference.

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Mike R:

I’ve gone in the complete opposite direction. I do have multiple accounts with fidelity (and others), but 401k aside, I manage allocations in all my accounts as if it’s one portfolio.

Jason B:

I have 3 accounts opened with Fidelity. I do pay debts from the cash/brokerage account so that has been different for me than a regular checking account. and I’m thinking of making the 2nd brokerage more of a trading account with just individual stocks.

John M:

I actually have 5.

1. My primary cash account for direct deposit, bill pay etc.

2. Investment.(taxable) Heavy munis essentially 75% of all my bonds in my portfolio. Even split with BRK/B in acct

3. 401k balanced account.

4. Roth equal sector dividend growth focus.

5. Real estate. Property investment account including rental payments.

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