Fidelity Unable to Sell Fractional Shares (Issue Resolved)

We’ve been hearing some chatter about folks running into a bit of a hiccup while trying to sell fractional shares on Fidelity.

Fidelity Fractional Shares Not Working

So, here’s the scoop: some Fidelity customers are getting hit with an error code FS0106 and 340032 when they try to sell less than a full share of certain stocks like GME and ETFs like SPY and SCHD.

(FS0106) The symbol you are attempting to trade is currently not available for Fractional Share Trading. Please adjust your order so that it is in a while share amount.

We did some digging and found a Reddit thread buzzing with users facing this exact issue.

Some suggest it’s a GME-specific glitch due to its volatility and significant price swings. Others reckon it’s a broader problem. Let’s break down some key takeaways from the community.

Issue Date: The problem was observed on September 8th, but Fidelity has since resolved it.

Error Message: The error message, “(340032) The Fractional Share Order could not be accepted at this time. Please enter your order in whole shares or call a Fidelity representative,” indicates the selling fractional shares on Fidelity is temporarily unavailable.

Many Fidelity users confirmed they faced the same issue, suggesting it was a widespread problem affecting multiple accounts.

What To Do When Fidelity Can’t Sell Your Fractional Shares

If you’re still can’t sell fractional shares in your Fidelity account, consider the following steps:

1. Exercise Patience: During periods of high volatility for a particular stock like GME, Fidelity might temporarily restrict fractional trading. It’s advisable to wait for the situation to stabilize before attempting the trade again.

2. Contact Customer Support: Don’t hesitate to contact Fidelity’s customer support. Some users reported success in selling their fractional shares through direct communication with a representative.

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