Fidelity (FS0106) Unable to Sell Fractional Shares Error

Someone asks:

I’m trying to sell less than one share of GME in my Fidelity account and am getting this message. Does anyone know a workaround for this?

(FS0106) The symbol you are attempting to trade is currently not available for Fractional Share Trading. Please adjust your order so that it is in a while share amount.

Since the beginning of 2020, Fidelity has allowed its customers to trade fractional shares of individual stocks and ETFs. Fractional shares trading is available across different account types, and trades are executed in real-time.

Recently, some investors were not able to sell their fractional shares through the Fidelity mobile app. When attempted to sell less than a whole share, this error message appears.


How to Fix Error FS0106 on Fidelity

There are two ways to overcome this issue.

  1. Hold off on selling volatile stocks. If the company you have fractional shares in sees a massive spike in volatility, Fidelity will not allow you to sell the partial shares. You can wait and try again later.
  2. Call Fidelity customer support and request their team to sell it for you. Some traders were able to sell their fractional shares just by speaking to an agent.

Other comments

Austin L:

Turn off DRIP for your dividends. I ran into a similar issue last year.

James S:

I think GME is so volatile they won’t let you. I tried to buy fractional shares of GME yesterday and I couldn’t because of it wild swinging.

Matthew W:

I called Fidelity at 7 am eastern Sunday morning. I was on hold for 10 mins. The person first said they can’t sell it. But then when I complained, she said she’d put the request into the “technical team”, which she then clarified was the fractional trading desk.

Long story short, they will try to sell the fractional share for me sometime between 6:30 – 7:30 am Eastern on Monday morning. No $32.95 operator-assisted commission will be charged. The call took about 25 minutes including the hold time.

Jimmy F:

Hi all, I was trying to purchase a stock a few days ago and wasn’t able to because of “volatility” and it was frozen before closing. A friend suggested I apply for margin trading and I did. Whats your take on it? I only applied for margins and not options.

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