Fidelity Gain/Loss Column Missing After Account Transfer

Someone asks:

Has anyone ever transferred shares from one fidelity account to another?

I just did, and my stocks read like this. The only real info it shows about my positions is the share count. Will this return to normal or should I wait forever on g hold with Fidelity for a chance to fix it😭

Gain/Loss Data Disappear from Fidelity account

Do not panic if your unrealized profit or losses are missing from your Fidelity positions. This happens when you transfer your positions from one account to another. It is normal and could take a few days for the info to get updated.

Other comments

Steve L:

I transferred stocks from one account to another. It takes a day or two to catch up but things will return to normal.

Jackie K:

Give it time, mine took a bit to show when I transferred.

Latu A:

If you look at the bottom of that page. I think there’s even a link. It’ll tell you cost basis needs an overnight cycle to show.

Huy N:

It’s not as fast as cryptocurrency transfers. Once you’re dealing with crypto, everything else seems so slow. It’s like going from dial-up internet to fiber optics internet.

Michelle M:

It needs time for the system to run so your values show properly.

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