How To Turn Off Options Trading From Fidelity Account

Are you overwhelmed by options trading and want to disable the feature from your Fidelity account to prevent further losses?

Removing options trading from your Fidelity account involves a few important steps.

Here is what you need to do.

Step 1: Reviewing Open Orders and Positions

Before requesting the removal of the options trading feature, you must go through any open orders and positions in your account.

Your option orders or positions must be closed or canceled before turning off the feature.

Step 2: Contact Fidelity by Phone

To turn off options trading from your Fidelity account, you need to reach out to the customer service team by phone (800-343-3548).

Place a request to remove options trading, and they will go ahead and do that for you.

Once the options trading feature is removed from your account, note that you must submit a new application if you decide to trade options again in the future.

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