Error (16403) Fidelity is unable to provide the information you requested

Someone asks:

Be careful this morning. Fidelity is having issues across the board on orders on App, Website and Active Trader Pro. The issue is with canceling or replacing orders on App and Website and even getting into App. Anyone else having issues trading on Fidelity’s platform today?

Error:(16403) Fidelity is unable to provide the information that you requested at this time. This may be due to scheduled system maintenance or an intermittent outage. Please retry your request at a later time.


Naushad H:

I just faced this issue with one of the orders I placed then tried to cancel… it wouldn’t do anything… next thing I know order executed twice.

Steve R:

I have seen this from time to time, but it only has lasted a few seconds. It reloads when I try again.

Richard M:

Hit F5 to reload the page. I get this all the time.

Julia B:

Just got a call from Fidelity. They think all issues have been resolved. Please advise if this is not the case and I will contact them again.

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