How to Get Real Time Quotes on Fidelity Desktop & Mobile App

When you first signed up for an account with Fidelity, you will receive delayed market data until you sign an agreement to enable real time quotes. Many customers skip this step and assume that the platform provides real-time quotes automatically.

If you don’t sign the agreement on the Fidelity website, market data will be delayed up to 15 mins. Here’s how to fix that.

This tutorial will be divided into two parts: enabling real time quotes on the Fidelity site and also enabling real time quotes on the Fidelity mobile app (yes, you need to do both).

For clarification, Fidelity doesn’t charge an extra fee for real-time quotes. This should be available for free to all customers.

How to Enable Fidelity Real Time Quotes

Step 1: Visit this page: How to Get Real-Time Quotes – Fidelity

Step 2: Click on the blue button that says “Get Real-Time Quotes.”

Step 3: You will be asked to log in using your existing Fidelity account.


Step 4: Select one of the following option:

  • I use quote data for personal, non-business use…
  • I use quote data primarily for business use…

Step 5: Click Review Agreement.

Step 6: Go through the agreement and then click Agree.


Step 7: You’ll be taken to the Confirmation page to let you know that you’ve enabled real time quotes.


How to Get Real Time Quotes on the Fidelity Mobile App

Someone asks:

I’m making a switch from Robinhood to Fidelity but only thing is i cant get the real time prices on the app, i tried chatting with the reps at Fidelity and they made me do a update and sign a agreement from the website, and i still don’t get the streaming option under quote updates.

Surprisingly, real time quotes are not provided to you on the Fidelity mobile app even after you’ve signed the agreement on their website. There is an extra step just for mobile users.

Step 1: Download the Fidelity app if you haven’t already.

Step 2: Log in using your Fidelity account.

Step 3: Tap More > Settings & Profile.

Step 4: Quote Updates > Auto-Update.


Congrats! You’re now receiving Fidelity real-time quotes on the website as well as the mobile app.

Other Comments

Brian J:

How do i activate real time quotes on the fidelity app? It won’t let me when I tap the option. All that I see is “Real-Time Quotes is not enabled. Tap here to enable this feature now.”

Ernest T:

Yeah when I first installed it. I think I uninstalled it and reinstalled it. Or it could be when I reinstalled it after I reset my phone (for an unrelated matter) that it started working. Somehow there seemed to be a bug in the app. It was like a message that came up and said tap here to enable real-time quotes but no matter how many times I tapped it, it never went away. I think some combination of checking my account settings and reinstalling the app got it working.

Kyle E:

On Fidelity I get real time prices when market is open but not pre/post market. I wish it would. To see the update price after hours I have to open the ticker and toggle on extended hours (each time)

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