How To Get Reimbursed for Fidelity Transfer Fee (2023)

Someone asks: I will likely do an ACAT to Fidelity. Anybody have experience with this process? What does Fidelity charge to transfer stocks? Will Fidelity cover the ACAT transfer fees?

Fidelity Account Transfer (ACAT) Fee 2023

Fidelity does not charge a fee to move assets from another brokerage. However, your current institution may charge a fee for transferring out of their firm.

For example, most stock brokers will charge its customer $75 for moving from their brokerage to Fidelity. This fee will be deducted before assets are transferred to Fidelity.

Does Fidelity Reimburse Transfer Fees?

The answer is yes, but there is a requirement!

For accounts with $25k+ in value:

If you’re bringing over $25,000, Fidelity will typically waive transfer fees. Additionally, there’s a promotion where you can get a $100 bonus for opening a new account by using the code Fidelity100.

For incoming transfer with less than $25,000 in value:

If your transfer is less than $25,000, it’s recommended to confirm with Fidelity whether you’re eligible for a TOA fee reimbursement before initiating the transfer. You can do so by calling Fidelity customer service.

How to Ask for ACAT Reimbursement from Fidelity

If you haven’t requested to transfer: (if your assets are now with Fidelity – start at step 4)

1. Go to this page and start a new account transfer request.

2. Provide Fidelity with your information.

3. Wait for Fidelity to transfer your assets (stocks, options, etc.) from your old brokerage to Fidelity.

4. Call Fidelity Customer Service at 800-343-3548.

5. Tell them that you recently switched to Fidelity and would like to get reimbursed for the ACAT fee.

Consider transferring to Fidelity from another brokerage? Check out our dedicated guides below.

💬 Community Discussion

Aaron C:

I am moving my playing around account from another brokerage to join my 401k I’ve had from work and a Fidelity Go account I’ve just opened. Does anyone know if Fidelity will refund the transfer fee for moving the account? Thanks!

Andrew L:

Definitely message Fidelity and ask them to reimburse you for the fee. I had to show them a statement with the fee on it, after the transfer was completed, and they paid me back to make up for the fee.

If you’re moving from Robinhood to Fidelity, and Robinhood charges a transfer fee, Fidelity will refund that amount. I personally received $75 for my individual account and another $75 for my Roth IRA.

Mike R:

They should. I’ve transferred several accounts over the years, and they reimbursed all fees. Call and talk to them about it. They’ll likely tell you, yes, just make the transfers and then contact them again about reimbursement.

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  1. +1 to above comment. Fidelity does not mention this clearly anywhere. I was cheated. Transferred two accounts into Fidelity and lost 400$ with transfer fees


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