How To Get Reimbursed for Fidelity Account Transfer Fee ($75 ACAT)

Someone asks:

I will likely do an ACAT to Fidelity. Anybody have experience with this process? What does Fidelity charge to transfer stocks? Will Fidelity cover the ACAT transfer fees?

Fidelity Account Transfer (ACAT) Fee 2022

Fidelity does not charge a fee to move assets from another brokerage. However, your current institution may charge a fee for transferring out of their firm.

For example, most stock brokers will charge its customer $75 for moving from their brokerage to Fidelity. This fee will be deducted before assets are transferred to Fidelity.

If this happens to you, Fidelity will reimburse any account transfer (ACAT) fee incurred by your former brokerage.

How to Ask for ACAT Reimbursement from Fidelity

If you haven’t requested to transfer: (if your assets are now with Fidelity – start at step 4)

1. Go to this page and start a new account transfer request.


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