Fidelity Starter Pack Promotion 2023: $100 Sign Up Bonus

What’s better than getting an investment account at one of the best brokerages? Getting paid to sign up.

If you’re in the market for a new trading account, cash management account, or even a retirement account, Fidelity has got you covered!

With the Fidelity Starter Pack, you’ll get $100 upon signing up if you deposit at least $50 into your new account.


Fidelity Starter Pack Promotion

This promotion is currently available when you open one of the following accounts with Fidelity.

  • The Fidelity Account: A regular brokerage account with no opening fee and no commission to trade U.S stocks and ETFs.
  • Fidelity Cash Management Account: It’s sort of like a checking account but at a brokerage. There are no account fees and minimums. You get features like mobile deposits, bill pay, and checkwriting.
  • Roth IRA: A retirement account.
  • Traditional IRA: Another type of retirement account to reduce your taxable income.

Fidelity Starter Pack $100 Sign Up Bonus Requirements

In addition to opening an eligible account type (as stated above), there are other requirements you must follow to receive the signup bonus.

  1. Fund your account within 15 days.
  2. You must deposit at least $50 into your new account.
  3. You must use this link to sign up.

Ready to take advantage of this offer? Here is the promo code: FIDELITY100.

Don’t forget to enter this code when you sign up for a new account at Fidelity.

Fidelity $100 Sign Up Bonus Is Missing From My Account

You will not receive your sign up bonus immediately after opening a Fidelity account.

The cash will be credited to your account within 25 days. You must also meet all the requirements mentioned above to redeem your offer.

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