Fidelity Signature Credit Card: Everything You Need To Know

Someone asks:

A friend advised that Fidelity has a credit card that has 2% cash back and the cash back is dumped into your retirement account or regular trading account.

Anyone have credit card like this? Sounds like a good idea!

Fidelity Signature Visa Credit Card Reviews

Clayton R:

I have had one for a few years. I love the 2% cash back. I have been pretty happy and it’s our main card to use for everything.

Another thing I started doing is putting the 2% from my Fidelity card into my brokerage account and then use that to invest in stocks. I decided I wanted to easily see and watch my reward money grow. I also set that stock to drip.

It’s great to watch the free money grow slowly! I’m at $2,000 and growing!

Eddie G:

I got the Fidelity credit card about 6 months ago and it pays 2% cash back. I get this deposited in to my Fidelity cash account and buy individual stocks with the money, since all the rest of my investing is index/mutual funds.

So far, I’ve got $250 worth of APPL, TGT, and UAL. I’ve found it’s a fun way to invest in some individual stocks without feeling like I’m really risking much!

Christ O:

It’s excellent. My main card for everything. High enough credit limit for anything I want to use it for. I’ll send my kids to college with all those rewards going into the 529s.

Wryne P:

I have it and it’s great! It automatically invests rewards at the end of the month. The only downside of the Fidelity credit card is that it charges foreign transaction fees.

Terrie D:

I use it for groceries, utilities, car insurance, and rental property repairs. Year to date, I’ve earned $565 in cash back rewards and they went in my HSA for 2022. It’s free money so I’ll take it!! Had to pay for those things anyway. Win for me!

Khamz P:

It’s great and service is quick from Elan Financials if you have issues. I signed up with the $150 bonus and got 0% APR on purchases. They also give you a high limit on the credit card. I got close to $19,000.

Fidelity Credit Card 2022 Offer

Here’s an offer for new customers who are interested in the Fidelity Credit Card. Get $150 in cash back for $1,500 spent.

  • Unlimited 2% cash back on everyday purchases.
  • Worldwide acceptance.
  • Excellent service with 24/7 customer service.
  • No annual fee.

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