Can’t Trade Penny Stocks on Fidelity? Here’s a Quick Fix

Someone asks:

I know I had to turn on real time quotes and enable penny trading-neither were automatically on. So I’m wondering if any of these have a solution I am unaware of, figured what can it hurt to ask?

The answer to these two questions is Yes. Real-time quotes and penny stock trading are not enabled by default for Fidelity customers. There is a tutorial on how to get real-time quotes here.

As for penny stock trading, it’s also a trading feature that needs to be activated manually. Fidelity does not allow its customers to trade penny stocks without knowing the risk associated.

How to Buy Penny Stocks with Fidelity

Follow the steps below so you can activate penny stock trading for your Fidelity account.

  1. Go to the Fidelity’s penny stock trading agreement page.
Screen Shot 2021-02-21 at 5.39.26 PM
  1. Select an account that you will use to trade penny stocks.
  2. Agree to Acknowledgment of risks.
  3. Your Fidelity account is now eligible for penny stock trading.
Screen Shot 2021-02-21 at 5.42.43 PM

You will not be able to buy and sell penny stocks on Fidelity until the agreement above is signed. This is designed to protect traders and investors.

Fidelity Penny Stocks Fees

Most trades on Fidelity are commission-free, including penny stocks. However, some penny stocks that are not DTC eligible will be subject to a foreign settlement fee of $50.

Other Comments

Blane D:

Don’t waste your time on penny stocks unless you have the time to research them in great detail.

Chris M:

I was a penny stock broker in the 80’s. My advice would be to run away from them.

Jordan J:

Dilution is not fun. Generally I consider anything under a 500M market cap not worth my money. 500M to 1B is high risk but can pan out and prices are usually not close to being delisted. And because I am being generous market caps between 500m and 1B are more likely to get bought out at a premium. But that’s my old game because I’m done and in mutual funds now because fidelity funds rock N roll.

Paul Y:

No charge for mergers and no charge for OTC fees at Fidelity from my experiences. Used Fidelity over last 10 years and love it. I’ve made 150+ transactions of GMGI lately and there has been $0 OTC fee saving me hundreds.

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