How Much Does Fidelity Charge for OTC Stocks?

You can buy OTC stocks on Fidelity by using the broker’s mobile app, website, or by calling a representative.

When placing an order, you’ll need to provide the stock’s ticker symbol and the number of shares you want to buy.

Does Fidelity Charge a Fee for OTC Stocks?

Fidelity does not charge commissions for online U.S. equity trades, including OTC stocks.

This means that you can buy and sell OTC stocks without having to pay any additional fees.

However, some stocks on the OTC market may incur a fee. For example, a $50 fee is charged for foreign corporations not eligible for clearing through DTC (Depository Trust Company).

Before you place a trade, don’t forget to preview the order. It will let you know the estimated value, which includes fees.

Is OTC Stocks Risky To Trade?

OTC stocks are risky to trade because they are not listed on a major exchange and are not subject to the same regulations as listed stocks.

This means less information is available about the stock, thus making it harder for investors to make sound decisions.

Additionally, OTC stocks are often more volatile. In other words, their prices can fluctuate dramatically. You may not be able to sell your OTC stocks as quickly as you’d like.

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