How To Contact Fidelity Customer Service (5 Tips to Skip the Wait)

Here is the easiest way to contact Fidelity customer service. They offer three different communication methods.

Fidelity Virtual Assistant

  • Virtual Assistant is designed to help you with your requests 24/7.
  • This is a chatbot with no wait time.

Fidelity Live Chat

  • Specialized support for your accounts or technical issues right from your computer screen.
  • Operating hours: Mon.—Fri. 8 a.m.—10 p.m. ET
  • Average wait time to chat: 5 mins

Fidelity Phone Support

  • Fidelity Customer service is available 24/7 at 800-343-3548
  • Operating hours: 24/7
  • Average wait time to talk: 10 mins

How to Avoid Long Wait Times

Here are some tips on calling Fidelity customer service and not having to wait over an hour.

  • Call outside of peak hours. Basic customer service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • It’s easier to chat with an agent online because you can just be put on the wait list and go about browsing the internet… takes about 30 minutes I’d say… or you can go to a physical branch in your area to skip the wait.
  • When you call them, you can request a call back. And they’ll give you an estimated call back time.
  • Tax season is Fidelity’s busiest time of year. January 1st through April 15th (normal year), followed by Thanksgiving for the remainder of the year. People contact us with questions about tax forms, IRA contributions, and required minimum distributions. If you wait until 11 a.m. CT, people in the Pacific time zone will be up and calling. Otherwise, you’re doing the equivalent of driving during rush hour!

Does Fidelity Have Good Customer Service?

Andrew B:

I’ve had some great Fidelity customer service over the years. Just have to be patient. I was on the line yesterday for 45mins-1hr. They are also super busy because a lot of Robinhood customers are switching their accounts to Fidelity.

Earnest T:

I’ve only had pleasant experiences with them. But I did sit with someone who had somewhat of a roller coaster ride. So I guess there’s good and bad everywhere.

Clayton R:

I have had nothing but great experiences with customer service online and also the couple times I went into an actual office. I’m sure some people like yourself can have a bad one or have one not go the way you want. Hopefully you can get what you want straightened out of just try another like you said. All I know the web and phone platforms for Fidelity are awesome for me.

Average Wait Time to Reach a Fidelity Customer Representative?

Nola S:

1-2 minutes. I’ve never had an issue. Customer service has always been excellent as well.

Andrew G:

I wait between 5-15 minutes normally when I call. When I can, I use the chat. There’s an estimate for the time and you get everything in writing for review later.

Shane F:

I’m lucky if anything happens for 15-20. Usually takes about an hour for me Lol.

Allen M:

It’s pretty quick, you might get transferred. Depends on what you’re calling about.

Austin L:

I called one time after hours and it took less than 5 minutes. They’re notorious for long wait times during trading hours though.

Sherry L:

I have a dedicated advisor, so he usually answers immediately or returns my call within a short timeframe.

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