How to DRS Your GME Stock Share to Fidelity

Someone asks:

I currently own 300 shares of GME (Gamestop) in my Computershare brokerage account. I want to do a Direct Registration System (DRS) of $GME stock to Fidelity. Is that possible?

How to DRS Your GME Shares to Fidelity

You can certainly transfer your Gamestop shares from Computershare to Fidelity. The transfer process is quite simple.

Last month, there was a technical difficulty within Fidelity that prevent DRS transfer from happening. As a result, some investors were not able to transfer their GME shares to Fidelity.

Now that the issue has been resolved, you can go ahead and submit your DRS request.

Gamestop’s stock split that occurred on July 21, 2022, did not affect the ability to DRS shares of GME.

For a successful DRS transfer, your Fidelity account must also be in good standing, and there is no margin debit balance. The transfer process will take about 4 business days.

Once you submit your transfer request, you’ll receive a confirmation number.

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