Is It Safe To Link My Bank Account to Fidelity Full View?

Someone asks:

Is everyone comfortable with the “Full View” eMoney feature on the Fidelity website? Is it safe?

What is Fidelity Full View

FullView is a tool provided by Fidelity to let you populate your online financial information in one place so you can easily monitor your portfolio, including investment, retirement, and credit card accounts.

In addition to adding your existing Fidelity accounts (e.g., taxable brokerage account, Roth IRA, etc.), you can also link external bank accounts to Fidelity FullView.

Is Fidelity Full View Safe?

Having all your financial data in one place is convenient, but is it safe to do so?

Fidelity Full View is hosted by eMoney Advisor. Based on what we know, the service is as safe as other services that aggregate your financial information, such as Mint and Personal Capital.

According to Fidelity, once you add an external account, Full View will “scans the sites you’ve entered and brings the updated information into a single location.”

Is Fidelity Full View free?

Yes, there is no cost or fee associated with using Full View.


Collin G:

I love the Full View feature. It has to store your user ID and password somewhere on the cloud or their internal storage, but the password must be encrypted. They have to follow banking / financial security guidelines. It’s hard to hack it, but there is always an exception. Fidelity uses third-party software for linking/integration.

To me, Full View is the best alternative to the Mint app. Mint shows lots of advertisements and sells our information to third parties. Personal Capital just calls or sends tons of emails to buy their products.

William N:

Yes, I use it, and I have my current 401k linked (with two-step authentication). I’m careful with my investments and I’m confident it’s secure.

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