How To Set Up Automatic Investments on Fidelity

Someone asks:

Does Fidelity have an option to auto-invest on mutual funds inside of an IRA account? I have a portion of my bi-weekly check deposited so I don’t want to worry about allocating it to my mutual funds.

Short answer: Yes, you can auto invest with Fidelity. Follow the tutorial below to learn how to set up automatic investments on your Fidelity account.

How do Fidelity’s automatic investing works?

Instead of calling it auto invest, Fidelity coined the term “scheduled transfers,” allowing customers to set up and manage their automatic investments and recurring transactions.

The automatic investments feature on Fidelity will let you use your cash to regularly purchase more of the existing mutual funds in your brokerage account. It also works on your retirement account (IRA, 401k, etc.) and even for Health savings accounts (HSA).

How To Set Up Automatic Investment With Fidelity

1. Click here to visit Fidelity’s Scheduled Transfers page.

2. Click on “Set up an automatic investment.”

3. Choose from your list of Fidelity accounts (if you have more than one).

4. Choose where you want to get your funding from. You can pick from your current core position or from an external bank account.


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