FSKAX vs. VTSAX: Are They the Same? Which Fund Is Better?

Someone asks:

Looking at VTSAX and it says 75 transaction fee. Is that per buy or just the initial buy I couldn’t find a clear answer on that. Trying to decide if I need to open a Vanguard account too. Thanks!

FSKAX vs. VTSAX: What Are the Differences?

  • FSKAX is a mutual fund from Fidelity. VTSAX is a mutual fund from Vanguard.
  • VTSAX pays dividends to shareholders every April and December. VTSAX pays dividends quarterly.
  • The minimum investment in VTSAX mutual fund is $3,000.
  • No minimum investment required for FSKAX.
  • If you buy VTSAX through Fidelity, you will be charged a transaction fee.
  • In terms of expense ratio, FSKAX is cheaper than VTSAX. 0.02% and 0.04%, respectively.

FSKAX vs. VTSAX: How Are They Similar?

  • FSKAX and VTSAX seek to track the total return of a broad range of U.S stocks.
  • Fidelity’s Total Stock Market invests 80% of its assets in stocks from the Dow Jones US Total Stock Market Index while Vanguard’s VTSAX focuses on the CRSP US Total Market Index. Different indexes but the same overall goal.
  • Morningstar classified FSKAX and VTSAX as “Large Blend.” This means they have similar compositions.
  • Their top 10 holdings include Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, Google, Tesla, Facebook, Nvidia, Berkshire Hathaway, and UnitedHealth Group.
Funds Fidelity® Total Market Index Fund Vanguard Total Stock Market Index Fund Admiral Shares
Price 122.42 (NAV) 107.56 (NAV)
3-year total return +25.72% +25.77%
3-year standard deviation 18.21% 18.16%
Morningstar rating
Min. initial investment 0.00 3,000.00
Net expense ratio 0.02% 0.04%
Total net assets 77.51bn USD 341.73bn USD
Morningstar category Large Blend Large Blend

Which is Better? FSKAX or VTSAX?

We asked our community of Fidelity investors and here’s what they have to say about FSKAX and VTSAX.

Let’s find out which fund is a better investment for your portfolio.

Edu F:

VTSAX is a total stock market index fund. You can find equivalent Fidelity funds like FSKAX that have little to no fees and minimums.

You might already be doing this, but if you’re investing in Vanguard funds, it’s probably better to create an account at Vanguard rather than using your Fidelity account to buy them.

In your Fidelity account, FSKAX should give you the same returns as VTSAX, and you won’t have to pay the $75 fee.

Jason F:

If you want longevity, then switch to FSKAX which is literally Fidelity’s equivalent to VTSAX. If you want the “real” VTSAX, go with VTI. It’s the ETF version of VTSAX (literally the same exact fund, just with a different share class). VTI trades free at Fidelity.

David J:

Buying a Vanguard mutual fund for $75 at Fidelity is a waste of $75. Invest your $75 in FXKAX or FXROX, both are total market index funds.

FZROX has about 1,000 fewer stocks in it than FSKAX and VTSAX do. They are mostly small cap stocks and it make up a very small percentage of the portfolios of VTSAX/FSKAX. Returns of the three funds will be very similar but not identical.

Sean M:

Is FSKAX pretty much the same as VTSAX?

Essentially, yes. They both track the entire U.S. stock market, just using different indexes: FSKAX tracks the Dow Jones U.S. Total Stock Market Index, whereas VTSAX tracks the CRSP US Total Market Index.

Both track the market very closely, and both are low-cost, so I don’t expect investors will notice any meaningful difference between the two long-term. They’re very competitive with each other.

Kyle G:

Normally the transaction fee is just a one time fee to get into the fund. Call and confirm with Fidelity.


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