How Much Does Fidelity Charge To Buy Vanguard Funds?

Someone asks:

Does Fidelity charge fees when I buy Vanguard funds inside my Fidelity portfolio? If so, how much? I’m interested in buying a few Vanguard mutual funds.

Fidelity Fees for Buying Vanguard Funds

Fidelity will charge $75 for Vanguards funds such as VTSAX.

Go to the Fidelity website and look up a ticker. If the fund charges a fee, there will be a small red box at the top of the page that says “FEE.”


Fidelity will also give you a heads up via its Trade Preview window when you buy a Vanguard fund that includes a transaction fee.

(141401) All purchases or exchanges into this fund will incur a transaction fee of $75. Please see the Brokerage Commission and Fee Schedule for additional details.


How To Avoid Paying Fidelity $75 Fee for Mutual Funds?

Steve L:

Either buy the equivalent Fidelity fund or buy the Vanguard ETF (VTI). There is nothing sacred about VTSAX.

Sean M:

Most of Vanguard’s mutual funds have an equivalent at Fidelity that is just as competitive.

See the list below that shows some of their index fund options.

If it comes down to buying at Fidelity, I’d stick with:

  1. Fidelity’s own mutual funds that do not have a commission attached.
  2. Consider ETFs, which trade commission-free at Fidelity. I would not buy shares in Vanguard’s mutual funds at Fidelity. As said, this has a $75 commission attached each and every time you buy shares. This can add up quickly. Don’t pay more in fees than you absolutely have to.

Andrew L:

ETFs are a better way to go. Fidelity will not sell you a Vanguard mutual fund unless you pay a heavy fee. Don’t do that.

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