Unable to Trade OTC Market On Fidelity? Error 340036

A Fidelity customer recently attempted to trade penny stocks on OTC (Over-the-counter) markets during pre-market hours and received the following error message:

(340036) Market and Limit buy and sell orders of stocks and ETFs in dollars are only allowed during normal market hours (9:30am ET thru 4:00pm ET).

This error indicates that Fidelity does not allow OTC stocks to be traded during pre-market hours.

To trade OTC markets during the regular trading day, customers must place market or limit orders within the normal trading hours of 9:30am ET thru 4:00pm ET.

💬 Community Discussion

Julia L:

Did anyone ever get charged of commission for buying OTC stock? I had a limited order and got charged of one time $50 fee, not sure why!?

Hong N:

I can’t even get my OTC orders to process!!! I get the TC9052 error message saying there’s no enough information on this company or something like that. Here’s the funny part, I already some shares and just trying to grab some more

Victor V:

Yeah me it was a $50 foreign stock fee. If the ticker ends with “F” it’s foreign. My only regret is that I didn’t buy more shares! bought in at 1.95 but the 50 fee bumped my average share price to 4.45 smh.

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