Fidelity Transaction Fees for Vanguard Funds (2023)

Yes, you can purchase Vanguard mutual funds through Fidelity, but it comes with a transaction fee. Here’s what you need to know.

Fidelity Online Purchase Fees for Vanguard Funds

When you buy Vanguard mutual funds on the Fidelity website, there is a fee of $75. This is like a service charge.

Rep-Assisted Fees

If you get help from a representative (a person) at Fidelity to buy Vanguard funds, there is an additional fee. It’s 0.75% of the total amount you’re investing.

For example, if you put $1,000 in to a Vanguard mutual fund, this fee would be $7.50. However, there’s a minimum fee of $100 and a maximum fee of $250 for representative assisted orders.

Quick tip: Execute the order from your Fidelity account so you don’t have to pay a rep.

Fidelity Fees for Selling Vanguard Mutual Funds

When you sell Vanguard mutual funds on Fidelity, there’s usually no fee from Fidelity. But be aware that there might still be a fee from the Vanguard fund itself.

How to Check for Fidelity Transaction Fees

To verify if a specific Vanguard fund has a transaction fee when buying through Fidelity.

  1. Visit the Fidelity website.
  2. Search for the fund using its ticker symbol.
  3. If a fee is applicable, you’ll see a small red box labeled “FEE” at the top of the page.

How to Avoid Transaction Fees on Fidelity

There are two ways to avoid paying transaction fees when purchasing Vanguard funds on Fidelity.

Use an Equivalent Fidelity Fund

  • Look for a Fidelity mutual fund that tracks the same index as your preferred Vanguard mutual fund. Some Fidelity funds may not have an expense ratio, making them a cost-effective alternative.

Invest in Vanguard ETFs

  • Vanguard ETFs are accessible on Fidelity without incurring any transaction fees.

In Summary

When you buy Vanguard mutual funds through Fidelity, there’s a $75 fee if you do it online. If you get help from a person at Fidelity, there’s an additional fee based on how much you’re investing.

When you sell, there’s usually no fee from Fidelity, but there might still be a fee from the Vanguard fund.

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