Elan FIDELITY Fraud Alert: Is This Legitimate or Phishing?

Fidelity customers have reported receiving text messages purportedly from 33748, claiming to be an Elan FIDELITY Fraud Alert. While this might seem concerning, understanding the context and taking the right steps can help ease worries.

What’s Elan FIDELITY Fraud Alert?

The text messages are notifications supposedly sent by Elan Financial Services, the entity responsible for the Fidelity Rewards Visa card. However, these texts might not come across as legitimate at first glance.

What You Need To Do

You may receive text messages from Elan Financial Services regarding your credit card purchases, mostly large transactions, and it should say something like this:

FreeMsg: Elan FIDELITY Fraud Alert: Is $358.25 at TRAVELGENIO on 01/12 valid? Reply 1=Yes 2=NO. Use 582938 for help.

FreeMsg: Elan FIDELITY Fraud Dept: Thank you for confirming this activity, your account is safe for continued use. Call 18003086995 for questions or STOP to opt out.

Personally, I’ve received a few of these texts when purchasing travel tickets. And I think they’re legit.

Users are encouraged to reach out directly to Elan Financial Services by using the number provided on the back of their Fidelity Rewards Visa card or through Fidelity’s Customer Service team.

In addition, login to your Fidelity credit card account and check for any suspicious charges.

Lastly, avoid sharing personal information or responding to texts if you’re uncertain about their authenticity. Elan Financial and Fidelity Investments will never ask for sensitive information via unsolicited texts.

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