How Often Does Fidelity Reinvest My Dividends?

Fidelity makes it easy to manage how you receive and reinvest Dividends and Capital Gains distributions from your equity and mutual fund investments.

Through the Fidelity platform, investors can easily update their preferences for dividend reinvestment and make changes to a particular position.

How to Reinvest your Dividends on Fidelity

One of the best features of Fidelity’s dividend reinvestment program is that it is automatic and comes at no cost. This means that as soon as dividends are received in your account, they will be automatically reinvested without additional fees or commissions.

Here’s how to setup automatic dividend reinvestment for your Fidelity account.

Step 1: Visit the Dividends and Capital Gains portal.

Step 2: Login using your Fidelity account.

Step 3: To change your preferences for a specific position, please select Update. You may also apply that update to all similar positions in your account.


How Often Does Fidelity Reinvest My Dividends?

The frequency of dividend payments can vary depending on the stock or ETF in your portfolio.

Some may pay out dividends on a monthly basis, while others distribute them quarterly. Regardless of the frequency, Fidelity will ensure that your dividends are reinvested as soon as they are received.

To sum up, Fidelity’s Dividend Reinvestment Plan is easy to use and free of charge. It automatically reinvests dividends for you as soon as they are received.

Log in to your account to manage your dividend reinvestment preferences and make changes to any of your specific stock or index fund.

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