How Often Does Fidelity Reinvest My Dividends?

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When does my dividends and capital gains get reinvested by Fidelity? Is it monthly? Yearly? My settings for each account is set to reinvested?

How to Reinvest your Dividends on Fidelity

Fidelity makes it easy to manage how you receive and reinvest Dividends and Capital Gains distributions from your equity and mutual fund investments. They have a dedicated page for that here.

Once logged in, you can make changes to your dividend reinvestment program. You can automatically reinvest dividends at no cost.

To change your preferences for a specific position, please select Update. You may also apply that update to all similar positions in your account.

How Often Does Fidelity Reinvest My Dividends?

Fidelity’s dividend reinvestment plan is very simple. It automatically reinvests dividends for you without any additional fees or commissions.

How often? Well, that depends on when the dividend is paid out. Some stocks or ETFs will pay out dividends on a monthly basis, while others distribute them quarterly.

As soon as the dividend arrives in your Fidelity account, it will be reinvested automatically.

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