How to Export Fidelity Stocks Data into an Excel Sheet?

Someone asks:

Can fidelity stocks position be exported to an excel spreadsheet to determine a weekly, monthly, yearly average between all my position.



Jason P:

I keep a Google Sheets document with all my positions and cost basis. There is a googlefinance function that will pull the current price for a ticker. From that, you can get profit/loss in dollars and percents. That’s all I need. If you want to analyze specific time slices, you can download each stock’s price history from Yahoo finance and build out your spreadsheet from there.

Robert A:

You can dump the positions into excel, but you’d have to formulate the spreadsheet & Calc the position %s, etc. yourself.

Allen M:

I made my own spreadsheet. It’s part of my EOD (End of Day). I manage about 3-6 positions a day, so it’s not that big of a deal to transfer data.

Kevin K:

Tradervue is what I use to export my account history to get my stats. Fidelity does not keep track time of orders. So you have to enter them manually on the same day you traded otherwise, they will be gone forever.

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