FXAIX Dividend Payable Date: When Is the Quarterly Payout?

FXAIX is a mutual fund that pays quarterly dividends. The dividend payable date for FXAIX is typically announced a few weeks before the actual payment date.

Generally, investors can expect the dividend payout to occur in early April, July, October, and December.

Based on the dividend history from the previous year, you may make a decent bet on when you can anticipate receiving your dividend payment for FXAIX.

FXAIX 2022 Dividend History

DatePer Share AmountReinvestment Price

You can get a better idea and keep track of your dividend for FXAIX by logging into your Fidelity account. Click on the “Dividend View” tab under your Positions tab to see Ex-Dates, Pay Date, and Yield. That window will also include any upcoming dividends within your account.

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