What Is the DTC Number for Fidelity? How Do I Find It?

Someone asks:

I’m doing a transfer from my old employer-sponsored plan to Fidelity brokerage. The firm is asking for a DTC number for Fidelity. What do I tell them?

Short answer: The Fidelity Depository Trust Company (DTC) number is 0226.

DTC Asset Transfer Instructions

Provide the following information to the firm sending your shares.

  • Your Fidelity account number (full 9-digit brokerage account number).
  • Fidelity’s DTC number: 0226

DTC transfers to Fidelity take approximately three business days.

Another Way to Transfer Shares to Fidelity

You can initiate an ACATS transfer if your previous firm isn’t a member of the DTC. You can learn more about “Automated Customer Account Transfer Service” here.

💬 Community Discussion

Matthew F:

If I use Robinhood and want to switch to another platform do I need to sell my stocks and repurchase or can they be transferred?

Kevin N:

You can request a DTC or ACAT transfer directly to Fidelity and they’ll do the whole process for you. You do t have to sell your shares if you don’t want to. If you have fractional shares, more likely those are going to be liquidated and you’ll receive a check for those as I do not think fractional shares can be transferred.

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