Fidelity (TC9052) Not Permitted to Opening Transactions

Upon opening a Fidelity account with the intention of trading penny stocks, I encountered the TC9052 error message when attempting to purchase certain securities.

This was a source of frustration, as it prevented me from buying stocks like HCMC and ASTI.

Understanding the TC9052 Error on Fidelity

Fidelity allows trading on the OTC market. However, not all OTC stocks are readily tradable on the platform.

This limitation is denoted by the TC9052 error message.

(TC9052) Opening transactions for this security are not currently permitted due to limited company information and/or the risk associated with the security.

(TC9052) Opening transactions for Pink Sheets (without information) are not permitted because of the risks associated with these securities and all Microcap securities.

It essentially communicates that opening transactions for specific securities are not currently permitted due to inadequate company information or the perceived risks associated with the security.

The following categories are prohibited:

  • Pink No Information
  • Caveat Emptor
  • Expert Market
  • Grey Market

How to Fix Fidelity TC9052 Error

There are some potential workarounds and solutions to consider.

Limit Orders: Instead of placing a market order, try using a limit order. Specify a price slightly above the current market value. This method has worked for some traders in getting past the TC9052 warning.

Enabling Penny Stock Trading: Be sure to enable penny stock trading for your Fidelity account.

Contacting Support: If you continue to encounter the TC9052 message, consider reaching out to Fidelity’s customer support.

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