Fidelity “This Account Has Restrictions in Place” Error

Upon logging into my Fidelity account, I was greeted with a notification that read:

This account has restrictions in place that limit your ability to complete some transactions. For more information, please contact a Customer Service Representative at 800-343-3548.

In this case, the restriction specifically prevented me from ordering a debit card online.

Understanding the Account Restriction

The first step in addressing an account restriction with Fidelity is to understand why it’s in place.

For me, Fidelity needed additional documentation to verify my account ownership. This is a common practice to ensure the security of financial transactions.

Give Fidelity a Call

To get a clearer picture of the situation, I decided to reach out to Fidelity’s Customer Service Representative.

The number for that is 800-343-3548. Alternatively, Fidelity also provides support through various social media channels.

Reviewing Your Fidelity Account

When I got in touch with a Fidelity representative, they guided me through a secure environment to review my account. This step is required to identify why my Fidelity account was restricted.

Resolving the Issue

It was confirmed that the restriction was indeed related to the need for additional verification. This might vary from case to case. The representative provided guidance on the specific documents required.

In my experience with Fidelity, a quick call to their Customer Service Representative helped me understand and address the restriction.

The solution: send in the required documents, and your Fidelity account will return to normal soon enough.

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