Roth Contributions in My Fidelity Employer 401k

I recently made the switch to Roth contributions in my Fidelity employer 401k and had some questions about how these contributions would be displayed. After reaching out for insights, I received valuable information from other users that I’d love to share.

Combined or Separate Account?

When I switched to Roth contributions, I was curious to see if they would show up separately in my Fidelity account.

All contributions appeared as one account with the ability to distinguish between different contribution types by clicking on “Sources.”

Pay Statements

I also learned that Roth and traditional contributions should be listed separately on the pay statement, which is great for keeping track of how much is going into each type of account.

Additionally, it’s possible to see a breakdown of contributions and distinguish between Roth and traditional contributions on the Fidelity website, making it easier to monitor my retirement savings.

Timeframe for Display

It typically takes 2-3 weeks for your Roth contributions to appear on your Fidelity employer 401k account.

I was initially concerned when I didn’t see the changes right away.

I hope my experience and the information I’ve gathered from the Fidelity community can also help you navigate your retirement savings. If you have any questions or experiences, feel free to connect with me in the comments below.

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