Fidelity Credit Card Authorized User – Online Access to Transactions

When I first got my Fidelity credit card, I was thrilled about the potential to add authorized users. I thought it would be a fantastic way to manage shared expenses, especially with my spouse.

Then, I realized there might be a significant limitation with adding an authorized user to the Fidelity credit card.

No Separate Login or Online Access to Transactions

Unlike some other credit cards where authorized users can log in and view their transactions separately, it seemed that Fidelity operated differently.

Authorized users on the Fidelity credit card do not get their dedicated login or transaction page. They don’t appear on the Credit Card Snapshot page, and the reason provided is that they are not considered owners of the account.

Joint Ownership Consideration

While not a solution for everyone, some users suggest making the authorized user a joint owner of your Fidelity credit card.

When someone becomes a joint owner, they can access their credit card account and transaction page. This option, however, comes with joint liability for any debts incurred on the card.

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