Fidelity ATM Withdrawal Limit and How To Get More Cash

Every Fidelity Debit Card comes with certain limits to protect your account. These limits may vary based on your account profile and the available balance.

Here’s everything you need to know about your Fidelity ATM withdrawal and daily purchase limits.

Fidelity ATM Withdrawal Limit

By default, the Fidelity Debit Card allows a maximum ATM withdrawal of $500 per day. This limit applies to all types of accounts linked to the card.

Note: You can request an increase in your daily ATM withdrawal limit. This means you can withdraw more than $500. Contact Fidelity customer service to discuss your options.

Additionally, you can make up to six ATM withdrawals per day using your Fidelity Debit Card. This is a measure in place to ensure the security of your account.

Fidelity Debit Card Daily Spending Limit

The daily purchase limit for your Fidelity Debit Card is determined by the available balance in your account. This limit is in place to prevent overdrafts and unauthorized spending.

Tip: Regularly monitor your account balance to avoid reaching or exceeding your daily purchase limit.

How to Check Your Fidelity Debit Card Limit

Follow these steps to review and manage your Fidelity debit card balance.

  1. Log into your Fidelity account.
  2. Navigate to Accounts & Trade, then select Cash Management.
  3. Click the Debit Cards tab.
  4. From the drop-down menu, choose Manage Debit Card.

Here, you’ll find detailed information about your daily limits for ATM withdrawals and purchases.

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