Call From “Fidelity” – 603-402-5050 – Is It Legit or Scam?

For many Fidelity customers, receiving unexpected calls can set off alarm bells. One such number, 603-402-5050, has left several individuals questioning whether it’s a legit number or a scam.

We’re here to help clarify this number and its association with Fidelity Investments.

Cold Called by Fidelity from 603-402-5050

Several Fidelity customers have reported experiences related to calls originating from 603-402-5050. Users expressed skepticism and concern about the legitimacy of these calls, citing odd interactions and unfamiliar email addresses that followed the conversations.

Is 603-402-5050 Legit or Scam

I got in touch with a Fidelity representative (shoutout to Phil) for clarification about this number. 603-402-5050 is indeed linked to specific departments within Fidelity Investments.

This confirmation comes directly from a company representative, so you can be sure it is not a scam.

What to Do if You Receive a Call from Fidelity

If you receive a call from 6034025050 claiming to be from Fidelity, here’s a suggested approach:

Verification: Ask for specific information or verification details to ensure the caller’s authenticity. Request to follow up through official channels or ask for a callback number tied to Fidelity’s main contact information.

Contact Fidelity Directly: To allay doubts, contact Fidelity through official channels using verified contact information from their website. This allows you to cross-verify and confirm the authenticity of the call you received.

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