603-864-6488 Fidelity Invest Contact Scam Alert

Someone from our community recently received a phone call from 603-864-6488 who claimed to be with Fidelity Investments.

Is this a genuine phone number from “Fidelity Invest,” or is it a scam call? In this post, we’ll give you the truth.

603-864-6488 Fidelity Invest – Is This Phone Number Legit?

Nowadays, scammers are employing sophisticated strategies to steal your personal information or Fidelity login credentials.

After reaching out to a Fidelity representative, we can confirm that the phone number 603-864-6488 is NOT a scam.

A team member from Fidelity Investments may have reached out to you regarding the following:

  • Account inactivity
  • Update contact information
  • 401k or IRA-related
  • Sign up for their financial advisor service

If you missed the call from this phone number, you should call directly to Fidelity customer service at 800-343-3548. Ask them to review the notes left on your account and confirm that a representative reached out to you.

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