You are currently running an unsupported version of Active Trader Pro

Fidelity’s Active Trader Pro (ATP) platform encountered a hiccup earlier today, with users receiving the error message: “You are currently running an unsupported version of Active Trader Pro.”

Initial Impact

Initially observed across both Windows and macOS systems, the issue occurred unexpectedly, with Fidelity users experiencing difficulty logging into ATP.

Some users have tried to resolve this by reinstalling Active Trader Pro.

A recent Microsoft update for the .NET Framework on Windows 11 may have affected the Fidelity desktop-based trading platform.

Fidelity’s Response

Fidelity’s representatives acknowledged the problem on Reddit, ensuring users that the issue had been identified and resolved.

Additionally, they mentioned that software updates for Active Trader Pro typically occur automatically but recommended a clean reinstall if users suspect they’re not running the latest version.

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