How Much Does Active Trader Pro Cost?

Active Trader Pro is a desktop trading platform offered by Fidelity Investments that is designed for frequent traders and investors who trade equities, options, and other securities.

The platform provides more data and advanced charting tools than the standard Fidelity website.

Can I Use Active Trader Pro for Free?

Active Trader Pro (ATP) is available free of charge to all Fidelity customers, regardless of their account balance or account type.

This is important because other brokerages may require you to have a certain amount under management to use their charting software. There is no cost to using Active Trader Pro.

You can download the Active Trader Pro tool right on the Fidelity website.

Active Trader Pro Features

Paper Trading: Active Trader Pro lets users get hands-on experience with investing without the risk of losing real money. Investors can use simulated money to learn.

Real-time News: Read news in real-time, earnings announcements, and economic events affecting your portfolio.

Trade Armor: Design your own investing plan. Know when to enter and exit right on the chart.

Real-Time Analytics: Get alerted when a stock hits a new 52-week high or low, unusual option activity, and more.

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