I’m Invested in FNCL: Who Else Has It in Their Roth IRA?

Someone asks:

Fidelity MSCI Financials Index ETF (FNCL) has been doing well for me up 20+% – long term hold. What are your thoughts on the underlying holdings with banks and other various financial institutions like investment companies? My thought is the real return of economic output will in the long run will boost the performance of these companies along with financial health. Consumer lending isn’t going away anytime soon and investments always win in the long run.

I have been very impressed with this ETF in my Roth.


Peter P:

My FNCL shares are up 10.3% in 3 weeks. Do I dollar cost average up or wait for a bad day to add to this position???

Tom L:

In my opinion, I would hold on this one. 1 year return -14%, 3 year avg return -1.42%. I would wait for interest rates to be higher.

John M:

Roughly 40 to 50%, my Roth are Fidelity sector ETFs, the rest is income focused. All of them except energy have performed well except energy, but right now that is the nature of the sector. I sector weight the portfolio monthly. For me finance has been my best performer. I have yet to reinvest dividends or put contributions into FNCL to keep the weighting where I want it and along with Real estate (FREL) I weight them at 14% with the remaining 8% across the board.

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