Is Fidelity NetBenefits Down? I Can’t Login Right Now

Someone asks:

This is crazy. Another day Fidelity NetBenefits is down. I can’t login to the website or mobile app. Anyone else having the same problem?


Geo S:

I tried multiple browsers in incognito mode without 3rd party add-ons and site is still down.

Tried the following links:

Keeps getting this error “[628] The service is experiencing technical difficulties. Please try again later.”

Grace W:

CNBC just announced several financial sites including Fidelity are down!

Vitaly D:

It won’t load my positions, it won’t let me trade, errors all over the Mobil app. This is insane. I wonder if other brokers are having same issues.

Kathy S:

They need a server upgrade/increase due to all the new users. They need to use the load at start of day to determine the sizing. Everyone seems to log in at start.

Note it can’t happen overnight but they should be able to improve it in a couple weeks. To get back to old will take a lot longer.

Dean N:

From what I was reading, Fidelity has thousands of new memberships opening up over the next few days because of all the disgruntled Robinhood & other apps that blocked buyers.

Rolle D:

My first glitch ever and it was rectified within 30 minutes. Remember they are probably adding hundreds/thousands of new accounts from Robinhood & TDA/Schwab.

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  1. 9/15/23 fidelity login is down yet again, getting pretty tired of this. it’s been down for a half hour, for both of our accounts. error message says ……… The service is experiencing technical difficulties. Please try again later.



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