Fidelity (DI0902) Designated Investments Agreement

Before you can invest in any cryptocurrency-related funds on Fidelity, you will need to sign the Designated Investments Agreement.

This type of agreement is beneficial for both the investor and the financial institution, as it allows each party to be clear on their expectations and responsibilities.

When I was about to execute an order on the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (GBTC), I was prompted with this message.

(DI0902) You are placing an order for a security that requires you to execute Fidelity’s Designated Investments Agreement and also requires an Investment Objective of Most Aggressive for this account.

Review and execute the Designated Investments Agreement, and review or update your Investment Objective. If you do not agree to the terms of the agreement and review the important information, you may not purchase this security.

For important information about these securities and their risks, see Cryptocurrency Disclosure.

Once the agreement is signed, Fidelity will follow up with this message. You can then finalize and and submit your order to Fidelity for processing.

(DI0903) This security is subject to the Designated Investments Agreement, which you have previously signed for this account. For important information on these securities and their risks, see Cryptocurrency Disclosure.


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