Fidelity (009979) Self-Directed account ineligible for this type of security

The Fidelity (009979) error commonly occurs due to restrictions set by your employers or plan administrators.

Self-Directed BrokerageLink accounts, often linked to employer-sponsored plans like 401(k), have specific limitations on stocks and ETFs that can be traded.

(009979) Your Self-Directed Brokerage account is ineligible for this type of security.

In addition, certain securities, especially those categorized as specialized or with higher risk, might require specific approvals or account settings. Leveraged ETFs, for instance, may need additional account permissions due to their nature.

How to Resolve the (009979) Error on Fidelity

Your brokerage account might lack the necessary permissions or objectives set to trade. This includes having an appropriate risk tolerance level or specific account setting selected.

1. Review Account Details

  1. Log in to your Fidelity account through
  2. Click on Quick Links and then BrokerageLink.
  3. Check the Plan Fact Sheet to review eligible and ineligible security types specific to your employer’s plan.

2. Adjust Account Objectives

  1. Verify if your account objectives align with the requirements for trading specific securities.
  2. Consider setting the account objective to the most aggressive level if attempting to trade high-risk securities like leveraged ETFs.

3. Contact Fidelity Support

If you encounter the error despite seemingly meeting the criteria, contact Fidelity support. Furthermore, if the platform lacks prompts for necessary approvals, reach out to your employer’s HR/Benefits department for clarification on the plan’s trading limitations.

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