Fidelity Monitor & Insight vs. Fidelity Investor Newsletter: Which Is Better?

Someone asks:

I’m a long-time Fidelity investor. I was wondering whether anyone had an opinion on the two Fidelity funds investment newsletters- Fidelity Investor and Fidelity Insight & Monitor. Is it worth subscribing? Thank you.


Chuck Y:

I like Fidelity Investor, the model portfolios and the weekly and monthly updates including analysis of all Fidelity Funds. The portfolios are statistically developed including the fund managers track record. For the price it’s a nice entry into The Big Pic and the advice is good (panic is not a strategy, hope is not a strategy lol). it’s made me lots of.

Ken F:

Definitely Fidelity Investor! You can mirror their portfolios or tweet it. Even includes an ETF model.

Robert A:

I get them and I think they are fine. I believe the best source from the fund manager is reading the annual report of any funds I’m considering along with other information provided by the fund manager including but not limited to prospectus and SAI. This is all free for the asking. In the annual report, I pay particular attention to the MDFP (managers discussion of fund performance). If the manager doesn’t clearly articulate a cogent investment thesis for what they are trying to do and the targeted levels of risk and risk adjusted return in these sources, I don’t waste time with anything else.

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