Fidelity Inherited Assets Letter from Unknown Family Member

Recently, I received a letter from Fidelity Investments that left me both curious and puzzled.

The letter stated that Fidelity currently holds assets to which I may be entitled, and it included a contact number for Fidelity’s Inherited Services group.

Here is the full message:

“This letter is to inform you that Fidelity currently holds assets to which you may be entitled…Please call our inherited services group, 800-544-0003.”

What caught my attention was that the person mentioned in the letter shares my last name, but I had no idea who they were.

After reading through the comments on Reddit, it became clear that the provided phone number belongs to Fidelity’s Transition Services, specifically their Inherited Services team.

This team handles situations where a client has passed away and there are unclaimed funds associated with their account.

Fidelity reaches out to potential beneficiaries to ensure these assets are distributed appropriately.

Since a Fidelity rep has confirmed the phone number 800-544-0003, it is NOT a scam. If you receive a similar letter, you should contact a Fidelity customer service team to get this sorted out.

If you are curious about other phone numbers that may be associated with Fidelity Investments, be sure to check out the links below.

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