FBCG vs. ARKK: Which One Is the Better Growth Fund?

Someone asks:

What do you think of Fidelity ‘s new active managed ETF $FBCG? I know it’s only 11 months old but so far the returns seem to be there? Do you think they produce they same time of returns as ARK?


Daniel W:

FBCG has a lower expense ratio and is more liquid because it’s an ETF, but they keep their holdings a secret and only reveal them every quarter so you don’t always know what you’re buying.

Lia M:

I was thinking of going with FBGRX which has a lot of growth but not sure if it’s worth it with a .79% expense ratio which equals $7.90 per $1000.

Spencer C:

I’m keeping a lower percent in Ark because honestly the names in the portfolio are new and I don’t really understand them much. But I believe they know what they are doing after researching them.

Aaron C:

I went with FBCG a little while back and I’m up over 16% with it. I believe the S&P is up around 4.5% during that same time.

Chaz E:

I’m in the FBGRX fund. I’m up over 25% since I have been putting money in it since January I believe. It’s got a great history. The expense fee is .8%.

Richard K:

Management fees in the FBCG are way higher then its dividend, All you can hope for there is fast growth.

Andrew L:

The ETF has a very limited track record, but so far, results seem similar to the Mutual fund.

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