Does Fidelity Check Your Credit? (Full Details)

When opening a brokerage or cash management account with Fidelity, many individuals wonder about potential credit checks and their impact. Does Fidelity Check Your Credit? Fidelity representatives indicate that they typically do not conduct hard credit pulls for new accounts. Several users across forums have reported varied experiences. Some claimed no impact on their credit reports, meaning … Read more

Fidelity Investments’ Drug Testing Policy: Employee Insights

Congratulations on landing a position with Fidelity Investments! You may be concerned about the impending drug testing process. Let me share insights and tips from firsthand experiences and discussions to help you go through this procedure smoothly. Fidelity’s Approach to Drug Testing Fidelity Investments, like many financial institutions, conducts drug testing as part of their … Read more

Fidelity (009979) Self-Directed account ineligible for this type of security

The Fidelity (009979) error commonly occurs due to restrictions set by your employers or plan administrators. Self-Directed BrokerageLink accounts, often linked to employer-sponsored plans like 401(k), have specific limitations on stocks and ETFs that can be traded. (009979) Your Self-Directed Brokerage account is ineligible for this type of security. In addition, certain securities, especially those … Read more

Fix: Fidelity Could Not Verify Bank Account Ownership

Recently, there has been a problem with Fidelity, where it’s unable to verify bank account ownership for some customers. The exact error message is as follows: Unfortunately, we could not verify that you own this bank account. We’re sorry. Your account can’t be instantly linked because the ownership information doesn’t match your Fidelity account. If … Read more

Fidelity Credit Card Update: 0% Foreign Transaction Fees

Fidelity recently announced a significant update to its Fidelity Rewards Visa Signature Credit Card. The main highlight of this update is the elimination of foreign transaction fees (FTF). Fidelity Credit Card Foreign Transaction Fee in 2023 All new and existing Fidelity credit cardholders will now benefit from 0% foreign transaction fees for each foreign purchase … Read more

How To Automatically Reinvest Dividends on Fidelity (Guide)

Fidelity makes it easy to manage how you receive and reinvest Dividends and Capital Gains distributions from your equity and mutual fund investments. Through the Fidelity platform, investors can easily update their preferences for dividend reinvestment and make changes to a particular position. Does Fidelity Automatically Reinvest Dividends? By default Fidelity only reinvests dividends for … Read more