Fidelity Investments’ Drug Testing Policy: Employee Insights

Congratulations on landing a position with Fidelity Investments! You may be concerned about the impending drug testing process.

Let me share insights and tips from firsthand experiences and discussions to help you go through this procedure smoothly.

Fidelity’s Approach to Drug Testing

Fidelity Investments, like many financial institutions, conducts drug testing as part of their employment onboarding process. The tests primarily focus on detecting substances, including marijuana (THC), among other drugs.

Timeline of the Testing Process

Here’s a breakdown of the typical timeline for drug testing at Fidelity:

  1. Offer Acceptance: Upon accepting the job offer, you’ll move through several rounds of interviews, culminating in an offer letter.
  2. Background Check Form: Once the offer is accepted, you’ll complete extensive background check forms.
  3. Drug Screening: Following the background check, an email will arrive within 24-48 hours to schedule the drug screening.
  4. Test Window: You’ll have 3 business days from receiving the email to take the drug test.

Tips to Prepare for the Test

Detoxification and Abstinence

  • Abstain Early: If possible, refrain from using substances as soon as you receive notice of the screening.
  • Natural Detox: Engage in regular exercise, hydrate well, and adopt a healthy lifestyle to aid in natural detoxification.

Timeframes and Testing Thresholds

  • Time Consideration: Depending on usage and body fat, THC can remain detectable for several weeks or even months.
  • Testing Kits: Consider home testing kits from drugstores to gauge your readiness before the actual test date.

Strategic Approaches

  • Rescheduling Option: Explore the possibility of rescheduling the test if unforeseen circumstances occur.
  • Alternative Offers: If facing an imminent test and uncertain of passing, consider exploring other employment opportunities.

Final Words

While there are methods to navigate drug tests, consider the ethical implications. Using synthetic urine or other means to deceive the test might not align with personal values or Fidelity’s policies.

Best of luck with your onboarding process at Fidelity Investments! Remember, the goal is not just passing the test but also upholding personal and professional integrity throughout the journey.

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