Fidelity New Trading Dashboard Is Now Available

Fidelity has recently introduced a new Trading Dashboard on their website, offering a modernized Portfolio page and a web-based Trading Dashboard. We’ve made some improvements Fidelity’s new Portfolio Summary page makes viewing your account information easier than ever with an updated, simplified design. You can switch between the new Beta and classic view by selecting … Read more

Roth Contributions in My Fidelity Employer 401k

I recently made the switch to Roth contributions in my Fidelity employer 401k and had some questions about how these contributions would be displayed. After reaching out for insights, I received valuable information from other users that I’d love to share. Combined or Separate Account? When I switched to Roth contributions, I was curious to … Read more

Can You Deposit Cash to Fidelity Investments?

Are you wondering: “How can I deposit cash into my Fidelity checking account or brokerage account?” Cash Deposits at Fidelity So, here’s the deal: Fidelity doesn’t accept physical cash deposits, even if you walk into a local branch. But don’t worry, there are other ways to fund your account. Alternative Deposit Methods Fidelity offers a … Read more

How to Add a NetBenefits 401k to Fidelity Full View

Are you facing the issue of your Fidelity NetBenefits 401k not showing up in the Fidelity Full View? Don’t worry; here’s a step-by-step guide to resolve this and have all your financial information in one place. Sometimes, specific accounts like the NetBenefits 401k might not automatically show up. Enrolling Your NetBenefits 401k to Fidelity Full … Read more

How To Set Up Automatic Investment on Fidelity (New Feature)

Fidelity auto investment feature now extends beyond mutual funds, adding support for stocks, ETFs, and baskets. As of November 2023, Fidelity customers can set up automated plans for regular stock/ETF purchases, enabling users to invest a fixed amount at regular intervals (weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly). How Does Fidelity Auto Investing Work? Instead of calling it … Read more

You are currently running an unsupported version of Active Trader Pro

Fidelity’s Active Trader Pro (ATP) platform encountered a hiccup earlier today, with users receiving the error message: “You are currently running an unsupported version of Active Trader Pro.” Initial Impact Initially observed across both Windows and macOS systems, the issue occurred unexpectedly, with Fidelity users experiencing difficulty logging into ATP. Some users have tried to … Read more

Fidelity Charges $50 for Foreign Settlement Fee. Here’s Why!

When buying foreign OTC stocks on Fidelity, a $50 fee applies for both buying and selling. This “foreign settlement fee” is an essential aspect to consider when trading foreign securities through Fidelity. Why Does Fidelity Charge Foreign Settlement Fee? Some foreign stocks traded on the OTC market aren’t eligible for clearing through the Depository Trust … Read more