How to Fix Active Trader Pro Not Working on Mac (2023)

Someone asks:

Anyone use Active Trader Pro on Mac? I’m not having any luck getting it to load up. It installed fine but it won’t start! Suggestions?

What is Active Trader Pro?

Fidelity Active Trader Pro is a tool that provides traders with a complete and comprehensive trading experience.

It’s an all-in-one solution for trading stocks, options, and index funds. It also provides investors with research tools, live streaming data, and fake money to paper trade.


How to Fix Active Trader Pro Not Working

While Active Trader Pro is a fantastic trading platform for Fidelity customers to make the most of their investments, some users have reported that it is not working on their Mac.

If that’s the case for you, here are some tips to help troubleshoot this problem.

Fix #1: Restart your computer

Sometimes, your Mac might encounter a software or hardware problem that can make it difficult to use. Restarting your Mac can often resolve these issues.

To restart a Mac, select the Apple menu (top left-hand corner) and click on Restart.

Fix #2: Re-install Active Trader Pro

Uninstalling Active Trader Pro on your Mac will remove any data associated with the app from your computer.

Check out this tutorial if you don’t know how to remove an app from your Mac computer.

Once Active Trader Pro is removed, you need to install it again.

Active Trader Pro is available for Windows and Mac.

Fix #3: Active Trader Pro System Requirements

Check if your computer meets the system requirements to run Active Trader Pro.

Operating systemWindows 10Mac OS X 10.15 Catalina or higher
Processor3.0 GHz processor,
Intel Core i7 or comparable dual/ quad core
3.0 GHz processor,
Intel Core i7 or comparable dual/ quad core
Memory8GB or more8GB or more
Network connectionHigh-speed Internet 10 Mbps or betterHigh-speed Internet 10 Mbps or better
Hard drive300 MB available300 MB available
Graphics cards32-bit graphics support
512 MB or more video memory
Note: Dedicated graphics card preferred
32-bit graphics support
512 MB or more video memory
Required software.NET Framework 4.6.2* – installed with ATPCrossover*, .NET Framework 4.6.2* – both installed with ATP

Fix #4: Contact Fidelity

If Active Trader Pro is still not working on your computer, you should call Fidelity for additional assistants.

💬 Community Discussion

Bob R:

Yes. I use ATP on a Mac. I had a lot of trouble with it crashing. I got on chat with the Fidelity helpdesk today, and he said part of the SPP was corrupted. He walked me through a process to delete the app and activity in the library, then reinstall. It works great now.

Antonio H

I feel it’s kind of slow. I’m on 16 GB ram. What do you have? It should run it. Does it just have the Icon on the dashboard and never opens? Try closing everything before opening or uninstalling it. ATP always opens for me but takes some time.

Steve R:

I have a Macbook Pro and a custom built Windows PC. Active Trader barely opens on the Macbook because it takes up so much of its drive. The custom PC works great.

John A:

I’d use another trading platform, but I was hoping to use Active Trader Pro because most of my trading is on Fidelity, but I really want/need to learn hot keys.

Juan G:

It has issues with the latest operating system update, you should call customer support.

John S:

I cannot get mine to install or open, I tried everything multiple times, and it will NOT work! I googled this, and there are many known issues with Active Trader Pro and Mac compatibility.

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3 thoughts on “How to Fix Active Trader Pro Not Working on Mac (2023)”

  1. Spend two hours with Fidelity ATP support without any luck to install the ATP software. After entering system password to allow outside software to install on MacOs, as soon as it begins to install, it crashes the install and says “Installation failed”. MacOs Ventura 13.3.1. Uninstalled security software, and also granted permission to install applications from outside Appstore in a security setting. Nothing works.

  2. The problem with the installer is it fails to download DotNet 4.6.2. You can see this in the install log file on macOS here: ~/Library/Application\ Support/Active\ Trader\ Pro/Bottles/ActiveTraderPro64/drive_c/atp_install_progress.txt

    An error occured downloading Microsoft .NET 4.6.2!

    The correct download link is

    They need to modify their installer to pull the correct link. Also they need to spellcheck occurred in their error log. It has two r’s ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


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