FSPSX vs. FEMKX: Which Is the Better International Fund?

Someone asks:

Can someone suggest a good international mutual fund? I have FSPSX, it only gives a 5.12% return. I think I can get another that can have a higher return.

Gerry S:

I use FEMKX. It’s much more expensive, but does have better performance. International is the only segment where I use actively managed funds.

Jody N:

I use FTIHX, but I have no idea if it’s better. I use it because it includes small cap international.

Huy N:

What international companies are on your watchlist? For me the only international companies I like that give good consistent returns are founded by Americans so I only invest in FZROX lol.

Henry S:

FSEAX is a good fund with long term success.

Latu A:

I’ve had the most trouble with this…couldn’t find a suitable index fund. I’m using FEMKX and FIGFX. The former has been great, the latter, meh.

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