Can I Deposit Check With a Misspelled Name on Fidelity App?

You recently received a check with a minor misspelling in your name, and you’re wondering if you can still deposit it using the Fidelity app.

Here’s what you need to know.

Fidelity Mobile Deposit Process

When depositing a check through the Fidelity mobile app, you must ensure that the name on the check matches your registered name exactly.

If your first or last name is misspelled on the check, like a single letter, may lead to rejection.

What To Do When a Check Has Your Name Spelled Wrong?

Option #1:

Given the misspelling, your best option is to request a new check with the correct spelling of your name.

However, if you’re eager to give it a try, you can attempt the mobile deposit on the Fidelity app and see if it goes through. In case of rejection, there are alternative routes to explore.

Option #2:

Another option is to visit your local Fidelity investor center.

There, a knowledgeable associate can assist you in verifying your identity and processing the deposit.

You can find the closest investor center to you by using the branch locator provided by Fidelity.

Pending Check on Fidelity

It may take Fidelity up to 6 business days to process your check.

During this time, your deposit will be under review.

You can track the progress by checking your account’s “History” section. Deposits marked as “Pending” are currently being reviewed.

To locate your pending transactions on the Fidelity mobile app, follow these steps after logging in:

  • Select the relevant account and click on “Activity.”
  • Look for the drop-down menu labeled “Pending transactions.”

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