Fidelity Error (313112) This order cannot be placed

If you’ve recently opened an account on Fidelity and tried to buy stocks that are less than $3 per share, you may encounter the 313112 error message.

(313112) This order cannot be placed. Orders for stocks trading less than $3 per share and opening option orders require cash from recent deposits to be cleared and collected which usually takes 4-6 days

In this guide, we’ll explain why your Fidelity account cannot place the trade order.

Understanding the Fidelity 313112 Error

The 313112 error is specific to low priced stocks, which are stocks trading at less than $3 per share.

These stocks come with added risk, and Fidelity has certain safeguards in place to protect investors.

When you deposit funds with the intention of purchasing these low priced securities, the money needs to be fully collected before you can proceed. This collection period usually takes between 4 to 6 days, depending on various factors.

How to Fix Fidelity 313112 Error

Verify Fund Clearance

First things first, ensure that the funds you’ve deposited have fully cleared. This information can be found under your Fidelity account’s Balances tab.

Enable Penny Stock Trading

To trade stocks under $3 per share, you’ll need to enable the penny stock trading feature. Here’s how you can do it.

While waiting for the funds to clear, you can still trade most other securities up to a certain amount during this period. Try to avoid penny stocks.

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