How To Change the Name of Your Fidelity Account

Someone asks:

How do I change the name of an account? For example I would like to change one of my brokerage accounts name to “Investment Property”. Is that possible?

Having more than one brokerage account named “Individual” can be confusing. Here’s how to fix that problem.

How to Rename your Fidelity account

  1. Login to the Fidelity website.
  2. On the left sidebar, click on Customize.
  3. Select Account Groups > Change the default name of your Fidelity account to the name of your choosing.
  4. Click Save.

This nickname feature is super helpful for investors with more than one Fidelity account of the same type (e.g., taxable brokerage account). It helps organize the portfolio dashboard and makes it easier to identify what you’re managing.

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